No Alternative Facts- Partner meeting in Vienna

The project partners met on 21./22.05.2019 in Vienna for their second partner meeting. The meeting was primarily dedicated to the development of the training course and the necessary resources incl. the gamified platform where all elements of the training would be provided.  It was revealing to see how the platform would look like and what it would offer. The training course will address adult educators who in turn work with young people. The training will be set up as blended training – it will include a 3-day face-to-face event in Göttingen in February 2020 and e-learning modules as well as a learning project. It aims to raise awareness and create basic knowledge about fake news and about tools to detect them such as watch websites, analytical methodologies etc. Also it will create insight how fake news can be spread and manipulated in social media.

The innovative element of the training lies certainly in the approach – it will be based on game-based learning and quiz-based learning as methodologies. It will be the adult educators together with their learners who will set up own quizzes to enhance competence development and empowerment.

Find more information on the project on the project website.