CUR8 – Transnational Research

In the past month the partners carried out comprehensive research activities aimed to analyse the degree to which C-VET suppliers, trainers and educators are applying digital technologies in their teaching and learning strategies in the partner countries of Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

The study surveys and accesses the desire of educators to address the task of producing, maintaining and curating digital content to increase the effectiveness of learning; the levels of commitment to digital learning services, development and sharing in partner countries;  the competences needed for educators to be able to move to a ‘curator-concierge’ model of delivery, the interest and potential of educational professionals to engage in this form of CPD, and provides a comparative overview of the use of these technologies by the University and School sectors.

The report was prepared by a combination of desk research covering the partner countries and interviews with selected experts. The results are compiled in the transnational report. You can find the executive summary here.