COME IN – and learn about labour market integration

On Wednesday 27th Feb. 2019 a Dissemination Event for COME IN took place in the Kreishaus Kassel. More than 40 people came to learn what the project is all about.

Firstly the project was introduced. COME IN – Competences in Enterprises on Integration intends to make refugees‘ work integration easier through enhancing employers‘ competences. It will concentrate on working with enterprises from vulnerable sectors that are suffering from recruitment problems and skill shortage, e.g. health, construction, hotel and restaurant sector.

In order to convey the projects contents, there will be five free workshops taking place between April and July in Kassel.

During the event on Wednesday, there were also given some information about other similar projects by BUPNET and the Landkreis Kassel.

After presenting the projects and workshops, the audience was invited to enter a lively exchange via world café. Suggestions were collected as to what additionally should be considered at the professional integration from entrepreneurs‘ and refugees‘ perspective and what other needs there are in terms of social integration.

All in all it was a very successful event! The atmosphere was pleasant with a lot of inspiring exchanges and vivid conversations.


Learn more on: https://welcomingenterprises.eu/