URBAN – Training Course in October in Germany

Urban gardening can be an excellent tool for informal education. It offers the opportunity to explore a healthy lifestyle, learn about food origins and understand natural processes. However, urban gardening is not only a way to grow your own vegetables more sustainably and contribute to climate protection, it is also a way to meet other people and acquire new skills. Currently, the partners of the URBAN project are developing various learning offers in this regard:
For young people, learning modules on the topic of urban gardening are being developed, as well as a learning app that addresses relevant topics in a playful way.
For people who want to activate young people with urban gardening, a training course with the following modules is being developed:
Module 1: Systemic thinking or urban gardening in a larger context.
Module 2: Basics of ecology and soil science
Module 3: The first steps towards an urban garden
Module 4: Garden maintenance
These will then be made available on an interactive learning platform.
In addition, BUPNET will offer a European training on these topics from 11-15 October 2021. Participants are representatives from the partner countries.