TPM in Athens

Finally, our Storyliving team met in person in Athens to discuss the next steps of the project! We hadn’t been able to meet earlier in the project due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic. On the 5th and 6th of May, the consortium met in Athens, Greece to discuss the current state of the project and the next steps.
The Storyliving project aims to enable young people with developmental and mental health disabilities to share their Covid-19 experiences through digital storytelling.
During our meeting we discussed the finalisation of the modules, which are part of a training programme on storytelling methodology for professionals working with young people with developmental disabilities and/or mental health disorders.
Our next steps are to pilot the training material with professionals and to create an online platform. On this platform, anyone who is interested will be able to explore and learn more about the training material aimed at introducing the storytelling methodology to professionals, and to read the stories of the participants. Later, people will be able to upload their stories and share their experiences.