Partner meeting in Sofia

In May 2022 we met in Sofia for a 1.5-day meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to test some of our learning activities internally and to discuss and plan further the pilot activities. All partners have already made concrete plans with whom they will pilot the learning activities and also had first meetings with the trainers who will be involved in the piloting.
We have also started to look at how we can ensure that the Climate Box will continue to be used after the end of the project. Everyone agreed that the learning activities would also be very suitable for other learning groups – for example, they could be used with young people, pupils and students.
The pilot phase will give us more insights and we will see what the feedback is, first of all from the trainers and the adults involved. Then, based on the feedback, we will change and improve the learning activities if necessary before we put them here on the website for free use.