Support Me – Validation and recognition of migrants’ competences

The Support Me consortium is currently developing a method and tools to validate and recognise migrants’ competences. It is widely recognised that facilitating validation of skills and recognition of qualifications is crucial to ensure that individuals’ skills are used to their full potential. This is particularly important for refugees, who may not have necessary documentary evidence of their previous learning and qualifications, may have had their education interrupted or may not have participated in formal education.

In Support Me we are looking at transversal competences. We want to bring about the concept of validation to trainers and volunteers who work with migrants and refugees and sensitise them to the importance for the targeted learners and help them reveal and value the skills that migrants have acquired.

How are we doing this: Providing trainers with awareness tools based on three different aspects, mainly composed of short videos

  • Understanding their audience: Trainers need to understand who their trainees are and what sort of experience they may have had. This would help them to be made aware of the migration experience.
  • Understanding the competencies: Trainers also need to understand what transversal competences are and be able to understand the notion of competence.
  • Recognising the soft skills developed by the trainees: This is the ultimate goal of the awareness tools. This would allow for trainers to detect the competences developed by the trainees, by analysing similar stories.

The method and tools will be piloted by the project partners from March to May 2022. We will publish the finalised tools at a later stage.