PROSPER – Sense of belonging in the organization


What is different for the last few years regarding the sense of belonging (inclusivity) in your organization?

  • we have exchanged a big part of the real human relations with virtual ones
  • we have noticed that people accept it differently – for some of them it is a positive change, but for the others – it is a negative one
  • new phenomenon appeared like “zoom fatigue“
  • if you ask the HR experts, managers, and even psychologists, they all can have different definitions and approaches towards this new reality
  • some people are working more than before, in isolation and under more stress
  • the mental health of people in general suffers significantly (anxiety, panic attacks, depressions have raised)
  • people lack abilities to balance themselves properly and recover after stressful situations.
  • and if understanding and ensuring the sense of belonging within the organization was more or less a familiar concept for the managers before COVID-19, the hybrid model of working & living is still to be explored and understood, with all its positive and negative impacts.

It means that the whole organizational ecosystem should evolve to keep its participants connected and healthy, all its elements – to be changed, according to the business needs, people needs and abilities, and technologies used.

For the last years many organizations came up with their unique definition and approach towards keeping the connection between people alive, based on the specificity of their business and the science for human wellbeing. We will try to reveal some aspects of the best practices regarding the sense of belonging in the hybrid reality.

If you want to find out more, take a look at the PROSPER training modules.