PROSPER – Reintegration of employees after hard times


Integrating employees back into the working reality after a hard moment can be challenging, but there are some strategies that organizations can implement to support their employees during this transition:

  • Mental Recovery: Employees should have the right and the option to take off-time in kind of mental health days to focus on their mental wellbeing.
  • Gradual Return: It is important to avoid shock and overwhelming moments that result from immediate overload or excessive work. Hence, a gradual return from recovery to work is necessary to avoid causing any collateral damage.
  • Organizational Support: Offering ongoing support and resources, such as counseling services or employee assistance programs, to help employees cope with any ongoing stress or emotional challenges.
  • Flexibility: In a highly fluctuating work world, it is important to be open to flexible schedules, remote/hybrid work models, and other alternatives that help employees with work-life balance.
  • Team Spirit: The team and colleagues can act as the first defensive frontline to prevent and counter wellbeing issues at the workplace. In order to do so, a peer-to-peer system should be enhanced through organizing team-building activities which help the employees to build connections with their colleagues.
  • Sense of Achievement: Many of today’s workforce believe in the “hard work pays off” even though it might be a myth, however, it indicates how employees might think. Thus, employees should see that they work is achieving something and this should be recognized and to be possibly rewarded in recognition of their contributions and outstanding work.

If you want to find out more, take a look at the PROSPER training modules.