PROSPER – Matching tasks and digital tools – a quick guide


In order to select the suitable digital tools for your organisation, you might find useful to stick to the following approach:


Step 1 – Review processes

Identify the goals your company is trying to achieve and the ways you are trying to realise those goals. 

Which processes will benefit from automation or other forms of digitalisation?


What will the benefits be and for who – the team, the management, the customers?


Step 2 – Review available tools

Research what kind of tools are available for the selected task? 

Are you already using one? 

Does it make sense to invest the time, effort and resources necessary for a switch?

Can a single tool serve several main processes, or are you better off using dedicated solutions for each one?


Step 3 – Prepare for deployment

After selecting a tool, make a plan on its gradual implementation. Who will be the lead users who will need to be trained in its functions? Will they be able to train others and how long will they require? How will the data be transferred from the old mode of storage? Will there be a transition period, during which operations will have to cease?


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