PROSPER – Key Factors to Compare and Evaluate Digital Tools


When it comes to selecting the right digital tool for your business tasks, it pays to bear the following aspects in mind:


  • What specific features does the tool offer?
  • What needs and requirements does the tool fulfil?
  • To what extent can the tool improve the performance?
  • To what extent can it integrate with other tools?


  • To what extent is the tool user-friendly?
  • How comprehensive is the tool in performing tasks?
  • How easy can it be integrated in the system and be used?


  • What maximum capacity does the tool offer?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of used tools?
  • To what extent can it be mainstreamed through the company in different departments and teams?

Data Security

  • To what extent can the tool ensure data and privacy protection of the users?
  • What kind of encryption and other security measures does it use?


  • How cost-effective is the tool in comparison in other tools and the offered features and functionalities?

 Technical Support

  • What kind of technical support and customer service does the vendor offer?
  • Is it available 24/7? How responsive are they?

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