PROSPER – Hints for communicating the administering of a risk assessment questionnaire


1. Ensure your messages reach every employee.

  • Why? You need to be able to connect with every employee.
  • How? You’ll need to install extremely robust internal communication channels ( employee apps, email, videoconferencing, intranet, digital signage, posters and visual displays, All-Employee Meetings, Away Days)

2. Draw up an internal communication strategy.

  • Why? It’s the for success.
  • How? Ask yourself: What is your overall goal? What’s the audience? What are you actually asking people to engage with? When are you sending your messages, and how often? Which channel will work best for the content and audience?

3. Create a two-way channel for feedback.

  • Why? Give your employees a say, and you’ll reap the rewards.
  • How? Through regular surveys, along with modules that offer social spaces for conversations, suggestions and feedback.

4. Maintain a regular stream of communication.

  • Why? A consistent stream of information will ensure you have an informed, engaged workforce.
  • How? Consider to schedule constant messages.

5. Avoid communication overload and complexity.

  • Why? Carefully curate and condense what you’re sending down to what is absolutely necessary.
  • How? Aim to keep messages simple, brief, interesting and to the point.

If you want to find out more, take a look at the PROSPER training modules.