No Alternative Facts – Gamification

Gamification in teaching has become very popular in recent years. What does this actually mean and what has it to do with our project?
“Gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts”. And instead of being taught through lesson plans, individuals learn through interactive gamification. Game-like elements in training are: interactivity, progress indicators, unveiling of levels, scoreboards, ranking, badges and awards, social interaction, competition, time limits etc.

In the context of our project we will have a gamified platform that will have a number of these game-like elements aimed to increase learning, behaviour change and motivation to go further. The platform will address both educators and learners who will be enabled to set up own exercises on fake news and disinformation to enhance competence development and empowerment.
Find out more about gamifcation in the 18-minute TEDx Talk – the Power of Gamification in Education