Innovative MOOC for counsellors’ training

If this is your first time here – Welcome to the IMAGES project!

Our name comes from “I Manage and Empower My Skills” which clearly describes our aims:

  • to support managers of third sector not-for-profit organisations to identify their skills and further development needs, and
  • to provide them with opportunities to develop their competences in a way that is useful to their organisation, as well as create opportunities to transfer their competences from one EU Member State to another.

Your role is crucial for the achievement of these goals, because you – the counsellors – are the important experts, who accompany  the process of identification and documentation through to recognition of competences of the NGO managers. We created this training course to support you in this important task.

In this short, but very useful journey, we selected the most relevant information in the following topics:

If you want to explore the free training MOOC, just drop us a line for an enrolment key at images.coordination@gmail.com