I-L4SH – First Partner Meeting

On the 12th and 13th of February, all partners met in person for the kick-off meeting of the project Intergenerational Learning for Sustainable Households (I-L4SH).

The project aims to introduce concepts, practices and methods of Intergenerational Learning (IGL), specifically within the field of climate/sustainability education in secondary schools through Citizen Science (CS) projects in order to create more environmentally sustainable and greener practices.

The meeting was hosted by Inno Hub in Valencia, Spain and all partners from Croatia, Cyprus and Germany took part. During the meeting, we talked about the partners expectations, aspirations, unclear points, or possible obstacles as well as things they hope to take home from the meeting.

The most important topic discussed, was the development of the project’s first result, the eBook on Intergenerational Learning for Sustainability in Secondary Schools. The eBook will offer secondary school educators comprehensive coverage of intergenerational learning frameworks, highlighting the benefits and opportunities they provide to participants. Additionally, it will explore the integration of IGL and CS activities within the family context, specifically focusing on their relevance to sustainability and environmental education in secondary schools.