I-CARE – Training development

The project team is currently developing the I-CARE training offer addressing trainers who provide training to people working in the social and healthcare sector, on the one hand, and a learning App addressing employees in the social and healthcare sector, on the other hand. Topics that are addressed in both offers are:

  • Culture, Diversity & Raising Awareness
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Eating, Drinking, Celebrating, Fasting
  • Aging, Dying, Death
  • Body, Gender, Sex, Intimacy
  • Pregnancy, Parenthood, Children, Family Structures
  • Disability, Psychology & Mental Problems
  • Dealing with Pain
  • Working in Culturally Diverse Teams
  • Creating own Learning Materials

The traininig will be available in all partner languages and will be piloted after the summer holidays.

The I-CARE partners invite interested trainers and training institutions to contact one of the partners to get further information.