CUR8 – Launch of new project on critical curation

Even before the ravages of COVID-19 there was an urgent need for teaching and learning professionals to develop Critical Digital Literacy skills and competences in order to be able to seize the potential for applying digital technologies in enhancing and innovating learning.

The role of educators and trainers is changing from being the ‘sage on the stage’ (creating and presenting learning) to a ‘curator-concierge’ model – directing adult learners to excellent existing learning content. This is a shift in mind set as well as skill set.  Learning and development professionals are also increasingly confronted with the challenge of sourcing, filtering, creating and managing digital content to enhance learning effectiveness.

Critical Curation plays an ever more essential role in the learning process and serves as an important digital literacy requirement for all knowledge workers. To explore the degree to which CVET suppliers, trainers and educators are applying digital technologies in their teaching and learning strategies and to identify skills and competences needed to develp and deliver blended learning, collaborative and self-directed learning programmes for adult learners, the project consortium has started their research activities involving desk research and qualitative interviews. The results will form the basis for developing training resources aimed to enhance specific digital competencies needed by educators and trainers in providing the skills training so critical to economic growth and social well-being.