Cur8 Learning Experience Platform (LXP) Goes Live!

We are proud to announce the public launch of the Cur8 Learning Experience Platform and Toolbox!

Our tools, resources and learning themes will enable you to best support self-directed adult learners, curate and present useful learning content and address the challenges of digital learning environments.

Build your skills by exploring our learning themes, find useful tools in the Cur8 toolbox and get involved in shaping the Cur8 toolbox by rating tools or suggesting new tools.

Most of our learning is available in English, but you can also explore topics and tools in German, Bulgarian and Swedish. If necessary, we recommend using the “translate” function in your browser (instructions for the translation function in common browsers can be found here: Chrome, Firefox, Edge).

Become tech-enabled to better support lifelong learning, upskilling and reskilling.

Don’t forget to connect with the Cur8 project on LinkedIn to stay up to date.