Care4Carers – How to Prepare for Job Interview


Are you having your first job interview after a longer break from, work (e.g. due to caregiving)? This post is dedicated to you!
We provide you some tips to prepare your job interview, meeting your personal and familiar needs.
– Research for insights into the company’s culture, mission, and current trends. Connect with insiders.
– Identify your goals and skills: communicate why you want the job and highlight relevant experience, qualities, activities.
– Know and match your strengths to the job description, try showing improvement in areas of weakness. You can find a lot of examples in our website on how to manage the description of weaknesses.
– Use this opportunity to learn more about the role, division, organisation, and industry. Tailor questions for different interviewers.
– Practice! Write down answers to common questions and rehearse with friends or career counselors. Seek feedback on style, presentation, and body language.
– For a remote interview: address technical issues, ensure good lighting, and a quiet environment. Make a positive impression despite the virtual setting.
Stay confident, authentic, and passionate during the interview. If you want to know more, have a look to the CARE4CARERS online Hub: https://care4carers.dieberater.com/ It’s free, you only need to subscribe