In recent years, significant progress has been made in understanding climate change, its causes and consequences, but there is also a huge flow of misinformation designed to confuse the public and generate doubt about the existence of climate change. Media and social media became the vehicle of the main fake news. The majority of youngsters are becoming more aware of the climate crises and consider the fight against climate chance a crucial task to address. They will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to counter climate myths with scientific facts. This enables them to spread truthful information and attitudes about our climate among older people.


  • To equip young people with critical thinking and communication skills, necessary to expose lies about climate change, misrepresentations of facts and scientific findings.
  • To prepare young people to become climate ambassadors to defend our planet against destructive practices.
  • To develop a training course aimed to enable youth workers to use innovative gamified digital resources and face-to-face methods to strengthen young people in rejecting lies and disinformation about Climate Change.


  • A compilation of the most common myths and climate fake news along with scientific facts and explanations
  • Online gamification environment containing multimedia learning content, online quizzes and puzzles useful to debunk climate change fake news
  • Train-the-trainer course for youth workers to address climate change issue using non-formal education practices
  • A mobile educational and learning App with activities useful to raise awareness about the environmental problem


  • Educators and youth workers
  • Young people

General information

  • Duration. 11/21-10/23
  • Co-funded by the European Commission through Erasmus+
  • Coordinator: Eurocircle, France – Consortium of seven partners from seven countries (Italy, Germany, Cyprus, France, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Austria)

Website: https://slacc-project.eu/