Securing the Conservation of Semi-Natural Grassland with a Distributed Energy Production


Developing and providing an integrated concept for the conservation of semi-natural grasslands by means of regular management and utilisation of the biomass for energy purposes

  • Demonstrating the energy recovery of semi-natural grasslands by means of the mobile bioenergy plant constructed specifically for the PROGRASS project at three European sites in Germany, Wales and Estonia.
  • Evaluating scientifically the technical feasibility of the prototype and of the concept on the sites of the project partners with a main focus on the integration of this technology in agricultural economic systems and in nutrient cycles.
  • Estimating the impact on the environmental protection and the socio-economic effects of the PROGRASS process in the partner regions.
  • Organising communication and information activities as well as regional and European dissemination activities with the aim to inform stakeholders in the regional agriculture sector, territorial authorities, national and European sector agencies, potential investors as well as citizens.
  • Nine partners from three EU-countries.
  • Project coordination: University of Kassel
  • funded by the EU-programme LIFE+
  • Duration: 01/09 – 12/11

For further information please visit the project website: www.prograss.eu