PACT LogoPromoting Awareness for Cooperation and Training in the Field of Domestic Violence

Improving sustainably the support chain of survivors of violence all over Europe with the main purpose to support a larger number of children and women survivors of violence all over Europe

  • Comprehensive stocktaking and needs analysis in order to identify current practice, existing education and training in the field of domestic violence, and identify fields of improvement in the support chain for victims of DV by putting a special focus on networking aspects of different stakeholders in the support chain.
  • Development of a training kit consisting of face-to-face and e-learning elements on the basis of the results of the stocktaking and needs analysis.
  • Testing of training modules: The local associated partners tested the training programme consisting of face-to-face work-shops, e-learning modules and an international workshop
  • Elaboration of good practice examples for successful intervention and cooperation in cases of domestic violence.
  • Seven partner organisations from seven European countries
  • Project coordination: BUPNET GmbH, Germany
  • Funded by the European Lifelong Learning Programme Grundtvig
  • Duration: 01/10 – 12/11

Further information and download of all major products: www.pact-eu.org