Integration of Health Issues in Adult Learning

Promoting knowledge, attitudes and skills related to the prevention of lifestyle diseases and thus enhancing healthy lifestyle habits among socio-economically disadvantaged adults,

  • Desk research dealing with the state of the art in health education for adults and identification of good practice -> the description and analysis of a variety of learning settings.
  • Development of the Health Box consisting of teaching and learning materials on the prevention of lifestyle diseases on the basis of the desk research.
  • Transnational induction seminar for the involved trainers as well as piloting of the Health Box in seven participating countries (Austria, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Romania, Italy and the United Kingdom) with a variety of target groups of disadvantaged learners to ensure transferability of materials to various contexts.
  • Final design and production of the Health Box taking into consideration the results and experiences from the national pilots.
  • Seven partner organisations from seven European countries
  • Project coordination: die Berater, Vienna, Austria
  • Funded by the European Lifelong Learning Programme Grundtvig
  • Duration: 01/10 – 12/11

For further information, please visit: www.healthbox.eu