The project EELLSS offers a “European Experiential Learning Lab on Soil Science” which aims at:

  • Interlinking natural sciences with “soils” as a practical, concrete and “living” lab and innovative   learning field
  • Combining scientific knowledge and skills with state of the art learning technology
  • Creating an entrance to soil science in European schools both for teachers and for the students
  • Introducing a competence oriented learning approach in which students from different regions in  Europe work and learn together
  • Establishing a growing open and cooperative learning and development space for teachers and learners

EELLSS project activities:

  • Develop topics and contents in the natural sciences and their potential interfaces to soil science;
  • Establish an “activating” learning approach that follows the principles of competence oriented learning and makes use of the LEVEL5 system to validate competence developments;
  • Develop instructional designs and didactic instruments to be offered to the teachers as planning devices;
  • Design and deliver a training course on how to apply soil science as a learning field in schools;
  • Set up an EELLSS-platform which will be serve as collaborative learning and exchange space;
  • Create a virtual market place for schools using EELLSS approach in the future and course providers who will offer trainings and courses on sustainable development and soil science.

EELLSS addresses to:

  • Teachers and Educational Professionals
  • Pupils and Students
  • Schools, Educational Institutes and “informal learning providers”
  • Stakeholders and course providers
  • European Stakeholders dealing with school and environmental policies

The EELLSS partnership is made up of nine partners from seven different countries, each with complementary experience and know-how in the fields addressed by the project.

  • Coordinated by Landkreis Kassel, Kassel, Germany
  • Nine partners form  seven countries: D, NL, SE, IT, LV, ES, TY
  • Funded by the European Commission under Erasmus+
  • Duration: 09/2015-08/2017

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