Burnout Intervention Training for Managers and Team Leaders

Sensitising managers for the topic of burnout and training for managers (especially of the middle level, such as team leaders, project managers etc.) to help recognise burnout signals among their staff at an early stage and to react on it.

  • Analysis of general data on burnout in a theoretical abstract and presentation of a burnout model.
  • Identification of needs of the project target groups in relation to burnout intervention training.
  • Development of Burnout Intervention Training on the basis of the needs analysis in cooperation with experts from the field.
  • National pilots in the six participating countries over a period of six months.
  • Documentation of the pilots and their evaluation results in a “good practice brochure”.
  • Seven partner organisations from seven European countries
  • Project coordination: die Berater, Vienna, Austria
  • Funded by the European Lifelong Learning Programme Grundtvig
  • Duration: 01/10 – 12/11

For further information, please visit: www.burnoutintervention.eu