Cur8 Toolbox for Learning & Development Professionals

Interested in improving your technology-based support for lifelong learning, upskilling and reskilling?
Check out the apps and tools in the Cur8 Toolbox!

The Cur8 Toolbox offers learning and development professionals a searchable collection of recommended apps and tools to support collaborative learning, content curation and self-directed learning, including easy-to-use e-tools for creating learning quizzes, videos, digital stories, mashups, simulations and animations.

By opening the toolbox, you will also find useful OER learning resources on a wide range of topical issues.

Most of the Apps tools are in English, but you can also explore tools in German, Bulgarian and Swedish. If necessary, we recommend that you use your browser’s “translate” function (instructions for the translation function in popular browsers can be found here: Chrome, Firefox, Edge).

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