Critical Balance – Kick-off

The Critical Balance Kick-off meeting took form in an online format. Partners got to know each other, their expertise, and their expectations towards the project. They also shared their personal experience with conspiracy theories, as no one is immune against the conspiratorial thinking.

A work plan for the project Result 1: Mapping of Conspiracy theories in Europe,  was created. This study examines the situation of conspiracy theories in Europe related to young people. Specifically, the partners aim to produce a study that will:

  • Compile what conspiracy theories are prevalent in the national and regional context of the partner consortium;
  • Show how young people consume media and news today and how this relates to getting in contact with conspiracy theories;
  • Outline youth workers’ capacity to influence young people in relation to critical thinking and conspiracy theories.

The first part of PR1 is desk research that is carried out in each partner country.  The desk research  concentrates on three areas, which are to:

  1. collect the most recent national information, statistics and reports written about young people and conspiracy theories;
  2. examine critical thinking, media literacy and young people’s consumption patterns of media and news;
  3. map out which conspiracy theories are most prevalent in their country (looking at social media, forum/blogs, YouTube and other channels where conspiracy theories are being spread).