Silver Age Silver Sage Initiative – Working On (SASSI-Working On), is an Erasmus+ funded project, running between 1 September 2018 and 31 December 2020.
The project builds on the results of the previous project SASSI, carried out from 2015 to 2017, that developed and piloted a range of innovative training strategies and tools to apply in both Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programmes for employees aged 50+ and in Vocational Education programmes.

SASSI-Working On aims at exploiting the innovation expressed in the previous project in terms of age-sensitive training to create innovative later career guidance methodologies.

This new project has three main objectives:

  • ¬†Extending and enhancing the access to age-sensitive careers advice, skills updating and work experience opportunities for older workers, ‘unretirees’ and job seekers (aged 50+.
  • Developing innovative approaches to guidance for older workers and job seekers, promoting the shift from a traditional hierarchical career trajectory to career growth pathways that enhance experience and motivating learning in order to maintain employability and retain employment.
  • Promoting and validating the non-formal and informal learning and competence of C-VET providers, trainers, HR professionals and line managers in providing age-sensitive approaches to career management/advice.

The seven project partners, based in six European Countries (UK, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Slovakia) have all long-term experience in the field of adult education, employability, career and talent management, competence validation and training design. Six out of the seven partner organisations joined the successful 2015 SASSI project and they are used to work together as consortium. TRENDHUIS, a research and communication company, is the new partner from Belgium, and brings in the project its expertise in labour market dynamics, talent management, inclusive society and empowerment of citizens.

Website: https://www.sassi-workingon.net/