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Julia Busche

Second Story Regions Newsletter

Here is our second newsletter that summarises what we learned from professional storytellers about their work and which competences they need to connect people through storytelling. It is available in German and English.

VALLEY’s second newsletter

The VALLEY team is happy to present our second newsletter. It summarises the results of our large scale online survey with more than 300 respondents from all across Europe. You can open or download it here: VALLEY_Newsletter_2_December_2015

VALLEY’s first newsletter

Our first newsletter is out. It gives an overview about what VALLEY intends to achieve and what has happend so far since the project started in March. You can open and download it by clicking this link: VALLEY_Newsletter_1_September_2015.

Findings of the IMPACT research phase

More than 250 professionals from different fields of education across Europe have taken part in the IMPACT survey and answered the questions. in addition partners carried out desk researches on the state of implementation of ECVET in their countries and…

VALLEY partner meeting in Göttingen

In early May the VALLEY (Validation System in Lifelong Learning Experiences of Youth Volunteering) partners came together in Göttingen to set up the plan for putting the goals of VALLEY into practice. The first steps focus on assessing the field…

Invitation to participate in the IMPACT online survey

IMPACT is a research and development project that analyses web-supported learning and teaching in connection with the validation of learning outcomes. It aims at understanding how educational professionals use web-based learning environments and Open Educational Resources (OER) as well as…

Story Regions has just started

Story telling is a powerful tool to create shared visions and to connect people. During the next two years partners from five European countries will together support regional cohesion and development by using storytelling as vehicle to foster networking across…